How Important is Organisational Culture to successful Records Management?

Cultural health and wellbeing is pivotal to the success of your organisations records management maturity. A respectful, healthy environment welcomes and breeds innovation and is open to change. Without healthy respect and acknowledgement of one anothers contributions and value to the organisation, your records management will suffer. Any changes that you want to implement will be an uphill battle as …

Working on the fly? Know your risks


Working on the fly? Know your risks  Published by PROV July 13, 2015  Saving important work notes and photos on your phone may be convenient, but there are risks. Here Alan Kong, Government Services’ Manager of Standards and Policy, explores the new record-keeping superpower – the mobile device. A matter of convenience We all know what it’s like to start …

State Government Recogises Records Management Professionals are in Short Supply


Funding for New Employees in Records Published by Link Training Date July 20, 2015 The NSW Government has officially recognised the skill shortage in the record management industry through inclusion of the Certificate IV in Recordkeeping on the Skills List 2015. This provides New Entrants to organisations with access to Smart and Skilled traineeship funding, providing subsidised training vital to developing …

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Future of Local Government Program

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Front Page Welcome to the Future of Local Government Program wiki-page. In here you will find a communal library of knowledge consisting of information about the various groups and programs that are involved in the F.O.L.G project as well as a host of invaluable information about ideas, technologies and practices that embody what the Future of Local Government program is …