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Victorian Councils have a history of proudly servicing the community, business, and other tiers of government. Councils’ rely on information to provide services, make policy decisions and report on performance promptly, accurately and effectively.

Today councils’ financial sustainability and performance is even more heavily scrutinised, with smaller and rural councils being increasingly put under the microscope.

For some councils providing services and managing information is achieved within limited budgets, resources and capability.

Current information management practices are now being challenged with a greater emphasis on managing information digitally.

This is driven by:

  • A growing community appetite for innovative digital engagement;
  • Investment in increasing digital business capability  and
  • A greater focus on a more connected, responsive and efficient local government.


Information Management in Vic Government

While we can celebrate the achievement of individual councils, for some councils the lack of resources and capability inhibits the ability to manage information more strategically.  To affect monumental change councils have elected to innovate, collaborate and strive to support the transition to digital business by participating in the Electronic Content Management Step Program.


Electronic Content Management Step Program

In order to support agencies MAV has developed the Electronic Content Management Step Program.

The Electronic Content Management (ECM) STEP Program is a step-by- step capacity and capability building program for Electronic Content Management within Victorian Local Government. Its focus is to encourage councils to increase capability in managing electronic content to support and promote more digital business within local government. The ECM Step Program is based on the

Plan-Do-Check-Act continuous improvement approach.


Participation in the ECM Step Program incorporates:

  • An assessment of council’s electronic content (records management) framework.
  • Participation in a series of capability works aimed at increase capability in managing electronic content.
  • Access to the ECM Wiki which currently stores Records Management policy, procedural, training documentation that has been developed in conjunction with councils for common use.
  • A yearly conference on future strategic directions in the Electronic Content Management area.
  • Access to sector wide contractual arrangements for scanning and storage services.

There are currently 64 Victorian Councils and 2 Water Authorities participating.


Assessments against this guide is supported by Toula Varvarigos, Director Assurance Services,  Toula.Varvarigos@eassure.con.au, eassure pty ltd (www.eassure.com.au)

Storage and Digitisation are provided by Grace Information Management, Kristy Searle, ksearle@grace.com.au



To support all Council’s water authorities and emergency services that are participating in the Electronic Content Management Step Program the Electronic Content Management (ECM) Committee was formed in 2008 and currently brings together the knowledge and skills of dedicated professionals working to improve the use of information to improve outcomes for Victorian Government.

Who are the LGIG Committee?

The ECM Committee through committee endorsement has agreed to champion Information Management and Governance and will become the Local Government Information Governance Committee.


ECM Better Practice Guide

The LGIG Committee, has developed an ECM Better Practice Framework (GPF) to assist Councils in assessing their awareness and level of adoption of sector-wide accepted ‘good practices’.

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