2-7: ‘Places for people, by people: how to do it’, Lucinda Hartley, CEO and co-founder, CoDesign Studio

Administrator FOLG 2015

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How can we enable everyday citizens to become city-makers? Too often our approach to placemaking strips communities of their capacity to make great places, and relies on experts instead. This in turn negatively impacts on the streets and public spaces themselves as they do not reflect the diversity, flexibility, local variation and long-term sustainability that comes from connected and engaged communities. But we can transform our future by looking to entrepreneurial placemaking models such as Tactical Urbanism. As its name suggests, this movement looks at alternative ‘tactics’ for neighbourhood building that combat apathy, NIMIBYism and sticky urban problems by focusing on short-term, low-cost improvements to places, to drive long-term change. This talk will be presented by Lucinda Hartley, co-author the Tactical Urbanism Guide to Australia and New Zealand. Lucinda has been nominated as one of 15 Future Chasers: young Australians leading global change, and advises worldwide on faster and cheaper solutions to urban problems.