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The Future of Local Government program is a joint effort by multiple groups from organisations across Victoria. We are constantly looking to push the project forward and as such welcome any interest from new groups in helping us steer the project into the future.

To get involved please contact John Hennessy at the MAV on


Content submission process

Step 1

Gain approval to join from John Hennessy


Step 2

Once your group is approved to join the site, you will need to prepare the information that will populate your area.

Please download the Information Architecture Template file.


Step 3

Fill in the Information Architecture template document.

This document is a map of your content. It contains the following core elements which must be complete

  • Numbered menu structure
  • Text
  • Picture previews
  • Link references
  • Embedded item references such as maps and videos

Content will only be excepted in the template format and must be complete and in the order of presentation on the site.

Each numbered item will be a page on site


Step 4

Multimedia items such as images or documents must be provided with the document as separate files (images inside the template can only be used as an example of where the image should be in the flow of the content).

The name of the image file needs to be referenced in the document as shown below and the file name MUST match the reference.

EXAMPLE: [PICTURE: example-picture-1.jpg]


Links should be presented as underlined text with the referrer next to it. If the link is to another area of the content then the number of the item is fine, otherwise the full hyperlink is required.

EXAMPLE: Information contained in topic one.  [LINK: 2.4.3]

For the submission of your content, your group will need to prepare an information architecture document which the web master will then create a new section for and upload the content to.


Step 5

Send the documents to John using the email address above. The Information Architecture template and associated files all need to be contained in the one email.

Content is checked and approved by the MAV and then uploaded or returned to the group for further editing if the document hasn’t been completed correctly.


Step 6

Access to edit the content will be granted once the content has been loaded. From that point on it is the responsibility of the group to keep the information up to date. Training will also be performed on an agreed date.