Records Management in the News – January – April 2018

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Cyber Risk – Australia’s Top Ranked Risk in 2018 Recently, it has been reported that Australian government, community and business considers cyber risk our top ranked risk.  Globally this is seen as the second biggest risk for international governments, business and local companies. The most common concerns that come to mind is:- Personal data theft (consider the 143 million Equifax consumers, of which I was one) in …

3.1.1 Agenda and Minutes 2016 – 2017

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Agendas and Minutes of Local Government Information Governance Group meetings are maintained by the Secretary of the MAV LGIG, Kristy Matthies. Included with the minutes are documents and presentations discussed at each meeting. Members Meeting June 30 2017 2017 06 30 Minutes MAV LGIG Members Meeting 2017 06 29 MAV CDIS System Archiving Requirements 2017 03 06 MAV IM Procurement …

2.2.3 How to join the LGIG Committee and Terms of reference

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All expressions of interest for participation in the MAV Local Government Information Governance Committee should be sent to either :  or The group Terms of Reference is drafted for consultation. Draft Constitution of MAV LGIG GROUP 24th July 2015

2.4.2 Important Stakeholders and useful Links

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The following are important stakeholders that may be of interest The Public Record Office Victoria: FOI Commissioner: Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection: CLEDS: Office of Health Services Commissioner:

2.4.1 Current Projects

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The following activities are priorities for 2015 – 2016 for the MAV LGIG:- 1) Managing Councillor Records (Public Records Act 1973, Privacy and Freedom of Information Implications) – A Discussion Paper 2) PCI DSS and Managing Credit Card Information – A Discussion Paper 3) Digital Signatures – Legal and Operational Considerations (This is currently operational in Local Government and is being …

2.3.3 Meetings and Events

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The next AGM and members meeting will be held at MAV, Level 11, 60 Collins Street, Melbourne on the 4th December 2015 commencing at 10AM. Members must register with the MAV LGIG Committee Secretary on to hold a seat for the day as capacity is limited. Refer to the Minutes and Agenda section for further details. 2015 12 04 Agenda MAV LGIG AGM …

2.3.1 What’s New?

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The following are now available to members of the ECM Step Program: Justice Legislation Amendment (Discovery, Disclosure and Other Matters) Bill 2014 –  An explanation – Update your Records Management Policies ! Managing Councillor Records (PR act 1973, Privacy and FOI Implications) – A Discussion Paper PCI DSS and Managing Credit Card Information – A Discussion Paper Digital Signatures – …

2.2.4 The Information Governance Better Practice Guide

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At the moment the LGIG Committee has developed a ECM Better Practice Framework (ECMBPG) to assist Councils in assessing their awareness and level of adoption of sector-wide accepted ‘good practices’ in records management. This better practice guide is across the following elements: Policy, Guidelines and Standards Strategic Management Capability Performance Management Compliance Management Security Disposal Business Process Electronic Generated Business Applications …

2.2.1 Projects & Achievements

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MAV Business Classification Scheme The MAV ECM Step Program participants in collaboration with the RIMPA Local Government Chapter Victoria are developing a Business Classification Scheme for the Sector based on Function, Activities, Transactions /Subject. The project aims to assist Councils apply standardised language and lifecycle controls from creation through to disposal or preservation. The benefits of working together on common …

2.2 Who are the LGIG COMMITTEE?

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The objectives of LGIG Committee are to encourage discussion on local government information governance, information management and records management related topics, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of information governance and management and records management by actual and/or potential Subscribing Agencies, and to encourage adoption of good practices by actual and/or potential Subscribing Agencies by: a) Endorsement and champion the implementation …

2.1.2 Information Management across Vic Government

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There are currently multiple Victorian Government Information Management Initiatives: Victorian Central Government has incorporated Information Management as an important component of the Victorian Government ICT Strategy. A focus on information management as a key operating principle has been identified The ICT Strategy is also supported by a CIO Council. The Public Record Office of Victoria has developed their …

2.1.1 Strategy & Vision for the Sector

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The Municipal Association of Victorian have a vision of how Councils should manage their information: By 2020: All Victorian Councils will manage information strategically, supported by sector collaboration, aimed at driving and empowering Council transformation to innovative, efficient and compliant digital business The Information Management Capability Assessment was undertaken and a Local Government Information Management Strategy was developed in February …

Local Government Information Governance Committee

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Victorian Councils have a history of proudly servicing the community, business, and other tiers of government. Councils’ rely on information to provide services, make policy decisions and report on performance promptly, accurately and effectively. Today councils’ financial sustainability and performance is even more heavily scrutinised, with smaller and rural councils being increasingly put under the microscope. For some councils providing …

3.2.1 News Alert Information Privacy Breach

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Privacy Breach affects more than 15,000 Workers Confidential Information on more than 15,000 was given to a self proclaimed strike breaker and industrial spy, Mr Bruce Townsend in 2010.  The Ages newspaper reports that while employed by Theiss Degremont, Mr Townsend infiltrated the desalination plant. The 5th June 2012 article reported that files included medical records, bank account numbers, and salary details …